Expert upholstery and curtain cleaning from the professionals.

Stainbusters is one of the UK’s leading professional upholstery and curtain cleaning companies with a countrywide team of fully qualified, friendly technicians who will have your fabrics  looking like new – and dry within one or two hours!

We use the latest technology cleaning equipment which is tough on stains and dirt, but gentle on fabrics, so upholstery and curtains are revitalised and stay cleaner for longer.

We also use non-toxic cleaning products, which are highly effective without damaging the environment.


Our curtain cleaning techniques are unique as we carry out deep effective cleaning while they are still hanging.  So no need to take curtains down, then re-hang.  They also dry as they hang, thus minimising disruption to your home.


Leather requires special treatment in the way it is handled and the products used.  Stainbusters uses only non-toxic cleaning products, and our special leather cleaners provide a deep effective clean without damaging the leather fabric.  Our technicians are also fully trained in the latest leather upholstery cleaning techniques.  We can achieve fantastic results on tired looking leather, bringing new life back to even the oldest of suites or chairs.

Stainbusters is second to none.

The Stainbusters service is second to none, we achieve brilliant results with minimum disruption to your day – and if you want us to clean your carpets whilst we are with you, we’ll be pleased to give you an estimate.

We’ll also recommend use of Fabriguard after we’ve cleaned your upholstery or curtains which protects against future accidental spills.  Fabriguard provides an invisible layer where any spilled liquids ‘float’ for a while, giving you the opportunity to mop it up before it sinks into the fabric.

Stainbusters is the number one choice for many homeowners who want a fast, efficient and reliable service.  Here’s why:

  • We provide a fast service, with upholstery, curtains and carpets dry in ONE HOUR (upholstery and curtains sometimes taking a little longer).
  • Our techniques don’t use large amounts of fluid, so shrinking is minimised and it helps the fast drying process.
  • If your upholstery or curtains have a particularly bad stain, we have the technique and non-toxic cleaning product to lift it clean away.
  • Upholstery and curtains are left clean and fresh with all dirt and residue from cleaning products completely removed.
  • Our trained technicians are professional and friendly.
  • We guarantee our work.

Satisfaction_Guarantee_Vector [Converted]
To prove our confidence in our work, we offer a number of guarantees to our customers.

  • We guarantee that your carpets, curtains and upholstery won’t be damaged through soaking, shrinking or stretching.
  • If a stain can be removed, we guarantee to remove it.  If we fail to do this, but another cleaning company does, we will return your payment.
  • After carrying out our standard cleaning process, we guarantee your carpet will be completely dry within one hour.

There’s no-one better than the Stainbusters’ team for carpet, furniture and upholstery cleaning – ask for a quote now, fill in the form and we’ll get a price back to you in superfast time.

CALL US NOW ON 0800 13 7772 or fill in the form for an email response, or click on FIND A STAINBUSTER.


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